Veneers vs. Invisalign Which Is Better?

Two cosmetic procedures adults can use to help give them a beautiful smile are veneers and Invisalign. Each has their own benefits and deciding whether you need veneers or Invisalign or both largely depends on your cosmetic needs.

What Are Veneers?

Veneers are tooth-coloured shells that are created to help improve the appearance of individual teeth. The shell helps fix and address various imperfections in the tooth, such as:

  • Chips in the Tooth’s Enamel Layer
  • Badly Stained Teeth
  • Misshapen or Malformed Teeth
  • Discoloured Teeth
  • Crooked Teeth
  • Minor Gaps (in Between Teeth)

Where Are Veneers Used?

Veneers are primarily used on the front teeth that you can see when you smile. They are not normally used on the molars – the teeth in the back – simply because no one would see them. If you have concerns about your back teeth, there may be other cosmetic options to address those.

What Is Invisalign?

Invisalign is a cosmetic treatment that requires wearing clear plastic aligners to help straighten teeth. The aligners can help resolve cosmetic problems including:

  • Crooked Teeth
  • Various Size Gaps (in Between Teeth)
  • Restore Proper Alignment to the Teeth

Where Is Invisalign Used?

Invisalign is a complete treatment process used on all the upper or lower teeth or both. The aligners slow move and adjust the placement of the teeth in the gums over a period of time. For most adults, it can take about a year before their teeth are straightened and gaps removed.

As you can see, veneers can be used to resolve some of the same types of cosmetic problems Invisalign can correct. Invisalign cannot fix problems with staining, chipped teeth, discoloured teeth or misshapen or malformed teeth.

If your teeth are healthy, but need aligned, straightened or you want to remove gaps in between the teeth, then Invisalign would be highly recommended. On the other hand, if you had other cosmetic issues that veneers can help correct, then you might be better getting veneers instead.

In some cases, it can be worthwhile to use a combination of both Invisalign to address problems with gaps and crooked teeth, then have veneers installed after completing your Invisalign treatment to address any remaining issues.

What to Do Prior to Starting Cosmetic Treatments

It is highly recommended you have a complete oral examination if you have not been keeping up on your bi-annual visits. This will ensure you do not have cavities or other problems that should be addressed prior to starting other cosmetic treatments. In addition, you may want to considered teeth whitening procedures to brighten up your teeth.

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