The Top Six Bad Habits Which Can Cause Cavities or Hurt Your Teeth

Everyone has different types of habits when it comes to brushing and flossing their teeth. In between our daily brushings and once-a-day flossing, there are plenty of temptations out there of different things that will end up in your mouths. Not all of these are good or healthy for us and many of them help promote tooth decay and gum disease.

  1. Tobacco Products – If you smoke or use chewing tobacco, you are damaging your smile. Tobacco stains the teeth and dries out the gum tissues, which can lead to gum disease and progress into periodontal disease. Some people also experience tooth decay and lost teeth, as well as various forms of cancers in the mouth.
  2. Using Our Teeth as an Opener – It can be tempting to rip open a package or other item using our teeth. However, you can crack and chip the teeth, which not only allows tooth decay to get into the teeth and cause cavities, but also requires cosmetic dentistry services to correct.
  3. Consuming Sugary and/or Sticky Foods and Drinks – The thing with most candy, especially the sticky ones, is they can get caught down in between the teeth where the sugar helps feed the bacteria that causes tooth decay. Drinks like colas and sports drinks, in addition to the sugar they can contain various forms of acids, like citric acid. As a result, thin layers of sugary coatings are left on the teeth afterwards.
  4. Biting Down/Chewing on Hard Objects and Foods – Biting down on hard candies, ice, pencils, pens, and other such items can damage the enamel layer on the teeth and cause microfractures where tooth decay can get inside the teeth. In some cases, you could also crack or chip your teeth.
  5. Aggressively Brushing Your Teeth – Applying too much pressure or using hard bristles irritates the gums. This can cause them to start to recede or pull away from the teeth, which is the start of gum disease. The teeth can also be damaged with scratches in the enamel, which can eventually turn into microfractures.
  6. Not Using Mouth Guards. If you play contact sports, you need to make sure to always protect your teeth with a mouth guard. Otherwise, if you take an impact, your teeth could get knocked loose, fall out, or even chipped or cracked. If you have bruxism (grinding your teeth) while sleeping or out of habit, you also need to use a mouth guard to protect your teeth.

Overcoming some of these bad habits can be difficult. However, if you remain diligent in your efforts and get support from your dentist and hygienist, you are sure to change your habits and protect your beautiful smile.

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