Root Canal

Our Arborg Dental Clinic Performs Root Canals

Certain dental problems can require a root canal at Arborg Family Dental. A root canal is recommended in cases where the tooth pulp, the interior part of the tooth, becomes infected from bacteria, much like a cavity. The tooth pulp is an essential part of the tooth as it helps maintain the solid tooth structure.

If you are experiencing a tooth ache, pain, soreness, or swelling around a tooth, it could indicate a bacterial infection. It is important to have the cause diagnosed by our dental hygienist and dentist to determine the most appropriate treatment. Ignoring the problem can result in the infection spreading and causing further damage to the tooth structure.

To properly remove an infection in the tooth pulp, it must be removed, along with cleaning the areas around the infection, which is known as a root canal. After the area has been prepared, it has to be correctly sealed to prevent reinfection using various tooth restoration processes.

In the event the tooth has become extremely decayed and a root canal cannot help save the tooth, we can offer alternative solutions. Please feel free to contact our Arborg dental clinic to schedule a consultation appointment today by calling (204) 376-2624.