Partial Denture

Partial Dentures at Our Dental Clinic in Arborg

Arborg Family Dental is pleased to provide people with a wide range of artificial teeth replacement solutions, based upon their individual needs, including partial dentures. Partial dentures are one option, in cases where only a few teeth need to be replaced. Sometimes a partial denture is also called a denture plate, depending on the number of replacement teeth in the dental appliance.

Replacing missing teeth is beneficial as it helps maintain your appearance, addresses problems with eating and speech, and allows you to have a beautiful smile! In addition, it helps prevent other related dental problems, such as increased risks for periodontal disease, shifting or movement of existing teeth, and a sagging of the facial features.

Our dental clinic in Arborg custom designs partial dentures for each of our patients to address the location of their missing teeth. Partial dentures are made from various materials and your dentist and dental hygienist are happy to discuss your options in greater detail.

Feel free to call Arborg Family Dental today at (204) 376-2624 for more information about partial dentures and other artificial tooth replacement options, or to schedule a consultation appointment.