Implants at Our Arborg Dental Clinic

Arborg Family Dental is pleased to offer our patients dental implants as a solution to replacing missing teeth and to help them achieve a beautiful looking smile!

Dental implants are ideal for people, who either are missing only a few teeth or desired to have a set of natural looking teeth which function just like normal teeth. Implants are much stronger and allow people to enjoy all of their favourite foods without the risks of slipping or food particles being trapped under the implant.

In addition, implants do not require any special cleaning processes, which is common with dentures. All that is required to keep implants looking great are regular cleanings at our Arborg dental clinic, along with daily brushing and flossing.

The entire process to obtain dental implants could take between six and eight months. During this time, several procedures will be completed in order to prepare your mouth for the implants. At the initial visit to our dental office in Arborg, we provide a consultation, answer your questions about implants, and schedule follow up appointments to being the procedure.

At the next visit, the existing teeth are extracted, if necessary, and a titanium post is installed to function much like the root of an actual tooth. In fact, the jaw bone will bond with the titanium post as it heals to create a solid structure.

Before the actual artificial tooth is attached to the titanium post, the gums and jaw need time to heal. Throughout the healing process, you are fitted for a temporary tooth. Once the healing process is complete, you are then fitted for the actual replacement tooth, which is installed at a later visit.

For more information about dental implants and there benefits, please feel to call Arborg Family Dental today at (204) 376-2624 to schedule your initial consultation appointment!