Implant Supported Dentures at Our Arborg Dental Clinic

Arborg Family Dental is pleased to offer people several different options for replacing teeth when they are missing most of, or all of the teeth on their upper, lower, or both upper and lower gums. Thanks to modern dental technologies, today people have the choice between traditional full denture plates, dental implants, and implant supported dentures.

Implant supported dentures are a combination of both complete denture plates and implants. Rather than installing implant titanium anchors in each location of a missing tooth, typically only four implants are installed. The titanium anchors serve as the underlying support for the denture plate, which is secured to the implants and locked into place.

The primary advantages to an implanted supported denture place, compared to traditional dentures are as follows:

  • The plate is held securely in place and prevents problems with slipping.
  • Implanted supported dentures make it easier to eat a wider range of foods.
  • Food particles are less likely to get underneath the denture plate.
  • Implanted supported dentures cost less compared to replacing all of the missing teeth with individual implants.

The entire procedure to get implanted supported dentures can take between six and eight months. During this time, you are fitted with a temporary denture plate to use until the actual denture plate is ready to be installed. The first step, to getting implanted supported dentures, is to schedule an initial consultation appointment with our dentist office in Arborg.

At the initial appointment, your dentist will discuss your tooth replacement options, answer your questions, and explain the actual procedure in greater detail. To schedule your consultation appointment to learn more about implanted supported dentures or other artificial tooth replacement options, call Arborg Family Dental at (204) 376-2624 now!