Composite Filling

Arborg Dental Clinic Composite Fillings

Composite filling from Arborg Family Dental provides a mercury-free solution and creates a beautiful smile. Composite fillings are made from tooth-coloured materials and porcelain, which are designed to strengthen teeth. Our dental clinic uses the latest bonding methods to help ensure your fillings will last and are unnoticeable.

Silver or metal fillings, can contain as much as 50 percent mercury. Mercury causes staining on the teeth, which is difficult to remove. Further, silver fillings tend to deteriorate faster than composite fillings. As a result, the entire tooth structure is weakened and can lead to cracks in the teeth, broken teeth, and even small openings in between the filling and tooth structure where bacteria from plaque can get under the tooth and cause cavities.

Arborg Family Dental recommend composite fillings because they can be colour matched to the colour of the tooth and fit tighter than silver fillings. The composite material hardens quickly and bonds to the actual tooth structure to provide a stronger tooth. For more information about the benefits of composite fillings for a beautiful smile, call our Arborg dental clinic at (204) 376-2624 today!