Complete Denture

Complete Dentures at Our Dental Clinic in Arborg

Arborg Family Dental offers solutions for people, who are missing most of or all of their upper, lower, or both upper and lower teeth. One viable solution available at our dental clinic are complete dentures, which are sometimes referred to as full denture plates.

Full dentures provide support for the face and facial features. In addition, they help address concerns with speech patterns and the ability to eat certain foods. Today, thanks to the latest advances in dental technologies, there are several options available with complete dentures, including traditional denture plates and implant-secured denture plates.

Arborg Family Dental recommends scheduling an initial consultation appointment to discuss your artificial tooth replacement options. In cases where you decide to get a full denture plate, it can require several visits, based upon your current dental health and needs.

Before a full plate can be installed, any remaining teeth must first be extracted. After the extraction process, a temporary acrylic denture plate is placed over the gums to allow them time to fully heal. Your custom denture plate is fitted and made ahead of time during your recovery. Prior to installing the actual plate, it is refitted and adjusted to ensure a secure fit during a follow up visit.

To learn more about complete dentures or other artificial tooth replacement options, contact Arborg Family Dental at (204) 376-2624 to schedule a consultation appointment today!