Botox in Dentistry- Helping Your Tension Headaches & Teeth Grinding


Did you know that Botox is used by Dentists to help treat tension headaches and teeth grinding? Bruxism- or the involuntary clenching and grinding of the teeth- is a common, painful, and damaging condition that affects many people. Chronic clenching and teeth grinding can cause a range of painful problems from earaches to migraines. From a dental perspective, Bruxism can cause tooth sensitivity, loss of enamel, and many other long term issues.

Over the past decade, Botox- or Botulinum Toxin- has been tested as a possible treatment with promising results shown in the reduction of Bruxism symptoms. The Botox can be injected into several different areas depending on each individual case. Most commonly the injection is done in the massater muscle but depending on the severity of the pain, areas like the temporalis, occipital and trapezius can also be injected with Botox.

When used in conjunction with nightguards, which are the traditional treatment for Bruxism, Botox can provide a significant reduction in pain while the nightguard works to protect from more damage, caused by grinding, to the teeth. Each injection should last between three to four months. This is a minimally invasive procedure that can provide fast relief  from Bruxism-related discomfort with minimal side effects. In some cases it has been noted by some patients that chewing was different after Botox, but for most patients biting and chewing were unaffected.

If you’re suffering from painful tension headaches or Bruxism, speak with our treatment coordinator today to learn more about this modern, effective treatment.